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Securing Data Can Be Tough.
Our Partners Do It Easily.

OEM key management partner Townsend Security is a leading provider of encryption, key management, and system logging solutions. We partner with ISVs, VARs, and resellers to protect and secure sensitive data fast, easily, and at a compitative price. Our team works with our partners by providing hardware, training, marketing materials, and thorough back end support to help our partners and their customers achieve peace of mind. We have even been known to help OEM/ISV partners achieve their own FIPS 140-2 certifications.

Interested in an encryption key management OEM solution? Alliance Key Manager (AKM) was designed from the ground up to integrate easily with ISV and OEM solutions. AKM allows partners to automate all of the key management functions including creating encryption keys, retrieving keys for use in encryption applications, rotating keys, expiring keys, revoking keys, and changing key attributes.


Benefits of Partner with Townsend Security

Start Selling Tomorrow

Quick-start partner programs and easy to deploy solutions enable your team to start selling and generating revenue quickly.

Generate Revenue

Provide affordable and scalable solutions to meet the needs of your customers.  Our tiered pricing model ensures you remain competitive in a growing market and realize revenue increases to your bottom line.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Companies are feeling the pressure to comply with data protection requirements.  The biggest challenge these companies (aka, your customers) face is access to a cost-effective comprehensive data security solution.  

Integration for the Enterprise

Encryption and key management solutions built for integration with Microsoft Windows/SQL Server 2008, IBM Power Systems (i and z), Linux and UNIX platforms.

Committed to Your Success

Technical training, sales support and co-marketing programs are available to ensure success.