Secure Managed File Transfer for IBM i (AS/400)

Alliance FTP Manager

Secure Managed File Transfer for IBM i (AS/400)

Alliance FTP Manager automates the tasks involved with exchanging database files, IFS files, and spool files between your System i and all other platforms. Secure data-in-motion, find out how easy it is to encrypt and securely transmit files with your trading partners.

Secure FTP on the IBM i (AS/400)

Automatically transfer files using Secure Shell sFTP or secure SSL FTP to banks, insurance companies, benefits providers, payment networks, and any other internal or external server. Transfers are encrypted to meet compliance regulations such as PCI DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, and privacy notification laws. Audit trails and system logs provide the permanent history needed for compliance regulations. A full set of commands, APIs, and automation features are available for maximum flexibility in your managed FTP environment.

Create Encrypted and Un-encrypted PDF Documents

Users create their own content, and then use the automation facilities to distribute the PDFs via email, FTP, and other distribution methods. The encrypted PDF file is compatible with any PDF reader that supports the AES encryption standard for PDF.

Create and Protect Zip Files on the IBM i

Data encrypted on the IBM i platform can be uncompressed and decrypted on Windows, Mac, Linux and Smart Phones such as Blackberry and others. Files encrypted on PCs using the WinZip AES standard can be unzipped and decrypted on the IBM i.

Trading Partner Compatibility

Works with a wide variety of banks, insurance companies, medical claims services and EDI networks. The list includes: Bank of America, Wachovia, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Merrill Lynch, Fidelity, Visa , American Express and others. 

Managed File Transfer with Integrated PGP encryption

PGP Command Line 9 as an option for secure encrypted file transfers. Fully supports Additional Decryption Keys (ADK), PGP implementations that support ADK provide a means of recovering data you send to your trading partners, and provide an auditable proof of the data content.

Meet compliance standards in PCI, HIPAA, HITECH and others

Protecting data in motion is a core requirement for all data protection regulations. Alliance Secure Shell SSH sFTP and encrypted SSL FTP meet the data protection requirements of these regulations and use the NIST recommended encryption levels for transferring data. In addition to protecting data in motion with strong encryption, Alliance FTP Manager for IBM i creates a permanent audit trail of transfer activity.

Automated FTP on the IBM i

Alliance FTP Manager provides several automation functions to help you exchange files without human intervention. Automatically retrieve files from remote server with delete and rename The Directory Scan function provides the same automation for files in IBM i IFS directories. Encrypt and transfer any file in an IFS directory, and automatically archive it.

The directory scan facility supports normal IFS directories as well as Windows Network folders, UNIX NetworkLibrary and IFS directory scan automation. 

High availability: Alliance FTP Manager supports all third party mirroring products such as Vision, iTerra, MIMIX, DataMirror, etc.

Compliance Logging

Create audit trails of all file transfer activity and provide reports for compliance monitoring allowing organizations to meet PCI, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and other data security regulations that require monitoring of system activity.

Supports Two Factor Authentication

Paired with Alliance Two Factor Authentication, organizations can reduce the security weakness of relying on passwords as their only authentication mechanism.  By requiring an additional piece of information delivered to authorized users via SMS text or voice message, organizations can improve security of their sensitive data.

Flexible Licensing Options

With flexible licensing options, including perpetual and subscription licensing, protecting sensitive data on the IBM i has never been easier or more affordable.

Commands and APIs

PGP encrypt, decrypt, sign, and key management commands

Zip and Unzip commands with encryption

FTP session commands to put and get files

FTP processing commands such as FTPOPEN, FTPUSER, FTPPASS, FTPPUT, etc.

Bindable FTP service program for user RPG and Cobol applications

Library and IFS scan commands

Auto-scan a remote FTP server commands


IBM Power Systems server, any model

IBM i operating system, V6R1 or later

Transfer Encryption

Secure SSL FTP with explicit and implicit encryption

SSH sFTP with AES, 3DES encryption

SSH sFTP with public key, password, Kerberos authentication

SSH sFTP supports SSH1 and SSH2 protocols

Solution Briefs

Alliance FTP Manager for IBM i

Alliance FTP Manager automates the tasks involved with exchanging database files, IFS files, and spool files between your IBM i and all other platforms.

Alliance FTP Manager for IBM i - HIPAA Compliance

Health Industry customers need to meet HIPAA regulatory requirements to secure the transfer of data over the Internet and on internal networks. Alliance FTP Manager provides, secure FTP, SSH, sFTP transfer support, and strong PGP encryption.


Alliance FTP Manager for IBM i

Alliance FTP Manager automates the tasks involved with exchanging database files, IFS files, and spool files between your IBM i and all other platforms.